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29 October 2008 @ 02:09 pm
ah, the first video I've been proud of in so long... check it out, let it haunt your nightmares.

"everybody knows its the blue and green one!"

16 October 2008 @ 11:56 am

Rebecca Long- the woman who starved her step-daughter nearly to death, as her husband Jon Pomeroy sat silently with his thumb up his ass. You will be amazed to read her blogs:

http://rainydaygreen.livejournal.com/ (she is interested in the "extremes of human behavior")!!

Especially the posts about the son she didn't starve, and the Thanksgiving meal I'm sure her daughter got to smell but not eat. Also helpful how she crops her photos so you don't have to stare into her demonic eyes.

Also, don't forget to see her flickr account:

This woman disturbs and upsets me so much, along with the rest of her family who sat by and watched the daughter slowly disappear. The son who is mentioned and photographed often is so tragic as well, with his having to watch this happen and be helpless... After he tried to help his sister from suffering the wrath of the crazy knitter, she locked them both up in her bedroom so they could not get help or water while she slept.

there are no words.
09 June 2008 @ 01:24 pm

you have no idea. what is about to happen.
18 April 2008 @ 09:19 am

Yesterday was pretty great.

Jeff has been experimenting with x-ray photography. Don't ask how- its a secret. We built a fake bomb out of wood, old camera cables and a barbie alarm clock bought at the very last second. The x-ray came out so freakin amazing.

but that's all you get to see for now, until Jeff's photography website is up.

(bonnie loves jeff in Russian)

In other amazing news...

Jeff mentioned to our neighbor Jessi that he really wanted a pair of crochet pants with suspenders. Five days and many long shifts at her job later, PANTS!

Blue, crochet pants... in all their glory.

We decided we needed to drive somewhere and show them off. While in the car, we discovered that this woman:

Is extremely turned on by U2.

We got inside Perkins, played a couple rounds of the nameless drawing game, hilarity ensued and we left all the drawings for the waitress:

Jeff was a shining star, center of attention. It was a night full of wonderment.

The end, for now :)

Jeff opened his first of two upcoming etsy stores!


This one is going to have pinhole photography prints- all photos taken without lenses, without mechanisms... all handmade cameras of Jeff's design :)

But anyway- you really should buy our house. I don't think I can live in it much longer now that it is "staged" and we have to keep it BEYOND clean 24 hours a day. How are we supposed to be creative in a soul-less vaccum? ...our realestate agent came through with a big wand and said, "THIS MUST GO!" And poof, all of our personality was eliminated. Now its empty so people can walk through all day when we're at work ... imagine themselves in our rooms ...

If you buy it and keep it for a few years you could make A LOT on the sale quite easily. But the market is a pooper, and we must go...so buy now. I dare you.

click here for lots of interior shotsCollapse )
05 March 2008 @ 11:36 am
Jeff and I are researching the possibility of owning an Opossum as a pet- Yes, those giant headed, many-toothed monsters that roam around in the night. SO, I made Jeff a little paper Opossum at my desk out of office supplies :)

I also made Hopscotch a long-sleeve shirt yesterday out of some cotton leggings :) Look how precious

04 March 2008 @ 09:17 am
I have something in an etsy store! oh my gosh! Thank you Amber for helping me :)


I've also been crankin' out some artwork for fun lately.

I painted this on Presidents Day for Jeff... I had the day off, and he did not :( so I made him a painting of Monterey Bay, where his heart is when its not with me :)

I did this oversized, and therefore impossible for me to get a good picture of with my cellphone portrait of Marilyn Monroe for my coworker's daughter... she was impressed her father had bought her a framed poster from Target until she realized it was hand drawn and painted just for her :) then freaked out.

This still has a lot of unfinished areas, such as his hand and his sleeve and the background..... but I wanted to post it anyway because I'm excited. We've had those canvases sitting around since last fall waiting for me to get inspired to do GIANT OIL PORTRAITs of us looking like Victorian hobnobbers. Hopefully I can start on the one of me tonight, since I won't have the right light to work on this one again until the weekend. hehe.

also one more... my latest "just because" card to Jeff, an inside joke about the lady at the grocery store who would not stop talking about Cheddar cheese.


15 February 2008 @ 02:34 pm
Earlier today I receieved a text message from my mother saying nothing but "Call me." I was understandably worried, considering both of my parents are dealing with some serious health issues.

The reason behind her message however was not about an internal family issue, but about a headline I happened to read this morning while checking my email. "Another school shooting??" I thought... how horrible. Not again. I couldn't believe what she was telling me though, that the shooter was Gail's son.

Gail Kazmierczak was one of the nicest people I've ever known. I went to school with her son Stephen, who for reasons only he understood took the lives of several students yesterday- and then his own. He graduated from my high school the year before I did, and I did not know him very well at all. Gail however, through the coincidence of working at the same company as my mother became a close family friend. She and her husband Bob, who now is being hounded by reporters - a thought that is breaking my heart- were the kind of people you just had to love.

Bob was wrapped up in my fight for scholarships, Gail always had encouraging words for me... they were so kind hearted and loving. Bob, as he has tearfully stated while pleading with the news media to leave him alone during this unfathomably horrible time, is diabetic and Gail did so much to take care of him. They moved to Florida in part so he would be comfortable, even tried to convince my mom to move down there with them- or at least visit.

During my conversation with my mother I came to discover that Gail passed away during the fall of 2006. I am doubly in shock now. She and my mother used to talk about health problems they were having, or we would all get together and share stories over lunch. It turns out that she had ALS, and did not know it- or at least did not talk about it.

Complete and total shock and sadness.

My heart is with the families of those who died... and especially with Bob, whose loving wife was torn from him after suffering from a heartbreaking degenerative disease ... then his son, who was intelligent and a sponge for language and learning, but was also very very sick. I wish I could find Bob somehow and hug him, shield him from all of this.

so so sad.
06 February 2008 @ 12:18 pm
In the past 24 hours. I have voted in my first caucus.

Made a homie naked by carving his clothes off with scissors.

And... hastily drew my brother a Bruce Lee birthday card before lunch so I could send it in the mail. He is serious about his cake.
05 February 2008 @ 09:31 am
I have much to say since I haven't posted in a while. There's been a flurry of activity in Jeff and Bonnie land.

Sadly, Jeff's amazing Valentines day gift I've had planned for about 2 months is not working. Tried to connect an SD card slot to a Juicebox media player to make a digital picture frame, as SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DONE SUCCESSFULLY, but I failed. I regained my confidence by replacing my mother's broken PSP LCD screen last night in a snap baby! wooo! If your screen ever breaks on one of these things you should fix it yourself its unbelievably simple, all you need is a small phillips head screwdriver.

We both have pretty solid ideas for some books we want to make as well- I suppose they could be classified in the childrens genre, but every freakin person on the planet gets the idea, "OH! I'm going to write childrens book." I think it really comes down to the fact that Jeff and I seek out the unpretentious stream of truth that children are in tune with simply because they haven't learned to be fake yet. Simplicity that leads to universalism. And in my case, I LIKE THINGS THAT ARE GULDERN CUTE!!!

His photographic story is pretty amazing, and so I won't try to explain it- my idea is inspired by my experience seeing Harbor Seals in Monterey Bay last October-

I have it 90% written and 0% painted but its forming in my head. I drew the seal pictured above on my calendar at work so I would remember not to lose all hope that my soul is not being sucked out while sitting in this cubicle. haha.

We also have some amazing ideas involving taxidermy supply parts- none of it is biological, its all plastic pieces that people use to put the finishing touches on their death creations. In our case, since we aren't into that kind of thing, these extremely realistic body parts help creations come to life. Right now I'm working on a Crack Fox doll-

crack fox!

All I have so far are his foxy jaws, some scary realistic eyes and his headband. Heck I'm almost done wouldn't you say!

Besides alllll that- Jeff's been exploding confetti all over with photography lately. The wine pour shoot, (I don't have the best of it saved to my phone so you get this shot) the handmade soap extravaganza, and most recently the 2-shoots-in-1-day movie theater and local gym shoot-o-rama.

Jonah pictured here, was a superstar.

our favorite flavors of the moment- Larry Cohen, Michael Moriarty and Nikola Tesla.